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Here is all the different types of decorative floor types we offer.

Epoxy Coating Systems

With many different products, colours, additives and application styles there are endless possibilities to compliment your current style or create a bold new one.  Our coatings can be used on residential, commercial or industrial flooring.  Most of our coating systems come in either matt, satin, low gloss or high gloss. Most of our coatings are ECO (no odor) or low VOC (low odor). Our coating can be applied on concrete or wood and can sometimes even go over existing flooring like hardwood, vinyl or tile. All our coatings are chemical-resistant, UV stable, waterproof and anti-slip. Extra Anti-slip additives can be used if needed in locations such as restaurant kitchens, pool decks or anywhere that commonly gets wet. We have highly chemical resistant coatings, FDA approved and specially designed for food packaging and processing plants.

Clear Epoxy Coating Systems

Clear coatings will cover the floor, protecting it and leaving it visible through the coating. They can either appear the same as before the coating or darker and more or less gloss depending on your desire. Clear coats generally range from 6 – 12 mils thick when dry.

Solid Colour Epoxy Systems

Solid colour pigments are added to the clear coatings to get the desired colour. Colour coats range from 6 – 15 mils thick when dry

Broadcast Systems

Broadcast systems is when flakes, quartz or sand is broadcasted into a clear or solid colored epoxy. Broadcast coatings are textured and very anti-slip. Broadcast coatings range from 10 – 30 mils when dry.

Marble / Metallic coating Systems

Marble / Metallic coatings use metallic powdered dyes that are worked by hand to give the finished design.  There are multiple different ways to work the dye using a variety of different applicators and methods therefore every metallic coating is unique and cannot be duplicated. The dye, being metallic, will sink to the bottom of the coating, giving the illusion of depth with a marble-like finish. Metallic coatings range from 10 – 15 mils when dry. 

Cementitious Coatings / Epoxy Micro topping

Cementitious urethane  coatings / Epoxy Micro Toppings are by far the thickest, ranging from 1/8 to 1 inch. Our cementitious coatings are FDA approved, making them perfect for food processing and packing plant floors. They are extremely durable, highly chemical resistant and highly  anti-slip.

Coloured Stains, Fogs and Modelling

With endless designs and lots of different colors Belle’s Boys can give you the stain you desire. Our stains can bring lots of colors to your floor and can complement any design in your home, office or shop.

Water or acid based colour concrete stains

Concrete Stains is a process that dyes the concrete with the desired colour / colours. The concrete must have no sealer or coating on it to be able to accept the dyes. After the stain has been installed we protect it with sealer or epoxy.

Colour fogs and Modeling

Fogs / Modelling is a process in witch we spray a fine mist of either  sealer or epoxy dyed with colour onto the floor. This process can be done on already sealed or coated floors. Fogs and Modelling can be used as a new flooring system or to rejuvenate or repair a old or damaged floor.

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