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Why you will never regret a level floor

Furniture and appliances, even walls, doors and windows may be replaced while your floor endures.  Yet many of the available floor treatments focus on short-term covering factors that have little to do with wear and tear over time.  Belles Boys flips that common focus on its head; we start with an emphasis on durability and then discuss treatments that align the aesthetics of your long-range goals.

While almost all floors are constructed in layers, most flooring sales teams attempt to keep the conversation restricted to the visible top layer.  Belles Boys knows that you are at least as interested in your floor’s durability and maintenance as you are concerned about appearances.  And, if the basic structural components of your floor are not considered, any visible top skin will be less than perfect. Does “less than perfect” matter?  To a family determined to cover every square foot of flooring with carpet, most imperfections will literally be carpeted over.  So, if carpet will be the solution indefinitely, then no, less than perfection doesn’t necessarily matter. In almost every other circumstance, yes, it matters.

The actual way it matters depends on how the final floor will be covered.  Hardwood or similar planking requires a smooth surface with no quick changes in height (we’re talking small fractions of an inch over a ten-foot run) and most carpet tiles will peel lose if glued over even rather small irregularities.  Ceramic tiles can be even more intolerant, will tilt or crack.  Vinyl flooring will lose adhesion over even slight depressions and create “bubbles” that you can feel flex as they are walked on; they wear down quickly and will eventually crack.  And even the smallest problem area can require the removal and re-installation of a fairly large area.

Various floor requirements can lead to different solutions. Belles Boys presents options for you to consider that are based on our decades of experience in permanent flooring installation

Depending on your needs Belle’s Boys can make your uneven, sloped or waive floor flat or perfectly level. If flooring is going on top we use underlayment’s and can flat or level to any specification. Underlayment’s and toppings are cement based materials we install on top of an existing concrete or wood floor.

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Belle’s boys can bring any floor to any specification or perfectly level depending on the flooring going on top and the customer’s desires. Proper preparation of the floor is required before we pour an underlayment to insure a good bond. With a lot of different underlayment belles boys will chose the right one for you depending on depth, core structure, moisture content and flooring going on top.  There are also fast curing and light weight materials if time or weight is an issue.

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