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Polished concrete
Belle’s boys offer a variety of Decorative aggregate exposure methods
and shine levels for polished concrete floors.
polished concrete house floor

Cream polishing

Salt and pepper polishing

Full aggregate polishing

All in a variety of levels of shine. From mat finishes, for those looking for a nice floor with not much shine.  Low gloss finishes to semi -gloss finishes for those looking for a shiny floor. High gloss finishes and super High gloss finishes for those looking for a showroom shiny floor.

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Why you should Choose Polished Concrete

There is no better flooring than polished concrete. It is by far the most durable flooring and easy to maintain. This form of high-end flooring is often less expensive than other high-end flooring. Every polished concrete floor is unique. Combined with in- floor heating is the most efficient way to heat your house or shop. Other flooring will not last as long and is often harder to maintain. Most other flooring is made in a factory and just installed on site. Polished concrete transforms the slab of concrete into a piece of art right in place. It can compliment any décor or style. Walking across a stylish, shiny floor can brighten your day. Polished concrete is simply the best flooring

you're asking yourself what is the difference?

It's just concrete?

let us tell you all about the top quality polishing options.

- Cream | Salt and Pepper | Full aggregate
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Polished concrete floor cream

Polished Concrete Floor Finish

- Cream | Surface Cream | Cream Polish

Cream Polishing

Cream polishing is when we polish the top layer of the concrete (commonly referred to as the cream on the top) without opening up the surface. Usually this gives a marble like look to the concrete because all the tool marks from placing the concrete are visible. Cream polishing should not be done on badly damaged or badly stained concrete because all the marks will be visible.

Swirls and cloudy shadows you see in the sample are produced by the installation techniques which include the use of a manually operated power trowel on the consolidated surface.  The very nature of the technique means no two floors can ever be identical so your polished concrete floor will be unique.

Note: Cream Finish polished concrete flooring should not be used on badly damaged or badly stained concrete because all stains and damage marks will be visible.

Polished Concrete Floor Finish

- salt and pepper | tiny aggregate | S&P Polish

Salt and pepper Polishing

Seemingly the most popular choice and used in Residential, Commercial and industrial. Salt and pepper polishing is when we open up the surface of the concrete with diamond grinding to expose the tiny aggregate just below the surface. That slightly exposed aggregate and the concrete gives a speckled black and white patterning we call salt and pepper. High and low spots in the floor will result in slightly more or less aggregate exposure. Salt and pepper polish can be done on most floors.

Polished Concrete Floor Finish

- Full Aggregate | Heavy aggregate exposure | Big Rocks

Full Aggregate Polishing

Full aggregate polishing is when we diamond grind the concrete down to expose the full size of the aggregate. This gives a most consistent look of the 3 decorative aggregate exposure methods. It usually takes the most time due to the amount of diamond grinding to expose the aggregate. Full aggregate polish can be done on almost any concrete floor.

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