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Surface Preparation

Floor Preparation is almost always the first step in making sure your concrete floor is properly prepared for whatever covering or treatment is desired.
Additionally, a well-prepared concrete floor or subfloor will last longer and provide a more stable surface for furniture.

Every floor you see on this website — and the websites of our competitors — got to become a proud example of our craft by first being carefully prepared. If you are able to do the finished floor surface treatment yourself but not equipped to guarantee proper surface preparation.

Belle’s Boys is happy to prepare the floor for you to do the Levelling, coating or stain yourself. Whatever your flooring project is, Belle’s Boys have the experience and knowledge to prepare the floor to the required Concrete surface profile (CSP) or any finishing specifications.

Flooring & Floor Surface Removal

Belle’s Boys can remove any existing flooring, glue, grout, thin set, etc.

We know how difficult it is to remove flooring and flooring surface products. Fortunately Belle’s Boys has the equipment and the knowledge on the best products and procedures to make even the toughest removal jobs possible.

Concrete Floor repair

Concrete repair

Repairs can be done on any cement or concrete floor. With so many different products we can try to color match to the existing floor if needed. Patching holes and spalls. Filling in unused cored holes. Making and or filling trenches to run plumbing, electrical, etc. Crack repairs and flexible control joint filling.

Vapor Barrier / Moisture Mitigations

Moisture in the concrete or under the concrete floor can cause the concrete to have hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure can cause lots of problem including mold, effervescence, and can cause some flooring systems to debond and peel. There are a few options for Moisture Mitigation depending on the amount of hydrostatic pressure in the concrete. Belle’s Boys can test your floor with a moisture meter and help you chose the best vapor barrier for your floor and project

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Anti - Fracture Membranes

There are many reasons for installing an Anti – Fracture Membrane. If your concrete floor has a lot of cracks, trenches, patchwork, etc. , it is a good idea to install an anti fracture membrane. Concrete is very susceptible to cracking. Most concrete will have some cracks in it. When installing certain flooring it is highly recommended to have an Anti fracture membrane installed regardless of the amount of cracks currently in the concrete. Belle’s Boys can help you decide on the best Anti fracture membrane to fit the needs or your floor and project.

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